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Podium with Hearts and Balls


Minister of Healing and Hope for All

Diana DiScipio is an ongoing Theology student who is a devout humanitarian, devout Christian and a devout Catholic. 


She is a Minister of Healing towards all faiths. She is an active member in society with charitable organizations and lends a listening hear to all who suffer. 


She works with high school students and is in charge of online Youth programs. She provides services to all ages and faith backgrounds.  Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Christian and all others. Love, Inclusion, Faith are the basis to spiritual resilience and the healing of the heart.


Mark John D Productions

Mark is an accomplished Guitarist Composer and Singer/Songwriter with years of experience. He have released content on various media platforms. 


He is a Christian, Catholic and humanitarian family man. He is a Ford Plant Employee and hardworking with a heart for all individuals who are suffering from societal exclusion.  Mark has worked with the homeless delivering bread and serving at soup kitchens. He enjoys bringing music into people's lives to provide healing and happiness.


He is a proud Father, husband and grandfather.

Check out more of Mark John's music on 

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